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He seems like a completely different guy.@ 180 bodyweightIMO lou is stronger than ronnieI'd compete and get spanked by most but I can guarantee watching your opponents snatch more is gonna make you put some more weight on the bar!i made a personal choice one afternoon to stop this nonsense & go back to how i was before my dad got out of the hospital/his started going downhill, as i chose to let my health go downhill w/ his.Holy crap!X-ray was completed and they basically gave me painkillers and said that they did not see anything.I just need to make good fights and it will happen?I'll be taking more pictures today and hopefully I can get some with the big named bodybuilders and figure pros.By decision." Unstoppable for the most part.wordi almost won close to $1ki bet $30 over all the main card fights, got them all right minus edgar/maynardread the title as "Official im Driving Drunk crew"My Mother certainly did that.I wear compression shorts under my Gi and really never had too much of a problem with armbars or knee passes.Makdessi is good, He will beat Hallman.Guess he had to shift more weight to one side to get the light to hit his bulging bag just right.I got my license at 14 but if course I was driving farm trucks and tractors by about age 9 or 10.Matt Hamill* Houston Alexander vs.Ill see what i can find out thanks alot i really appretiate it!I hope he come out like that tonightso why not.I'm kinda tired of it, trx xmount it seems so 3 years ago.It's about doing what people think is impossible, then showing them it's not.16 -- Jesse Ferguson, Troy, N.5/3/1Monday, 04/22/13Presswarm up1x5x551x5x701x3x80work sets1x5x1001x3x1151x1x125 ( 1)Assisted Dips5x15Assisted Chins5x10~~~~~~~~~~Tuesday, 04/23/13Deadliftwarm up1x5x1401x5x1751x3x210work sets1x5x2601x3x2951x1x325 ( 3)Good morning5x12x160Leg raises5x15~~~~~~~~~~Friday, 04/26/13Bench presswarm up1x5x751x5x951x3x115work sets1x5x1401x3x1601x1x100 ( 2)Bench Press2x8x158Close Grip Bench Press2x8x140Incline Bench Press2x8x120Barbell Row5x10x135~~~~~~~~~~Saturday, 04/27/13Squatwarm up1x5x bar1x5x1101x5x1351x3x160work sets1x5x2001x3x2301x1x255 ( 4)Leg extensions5x15x160SLDL5x10x160But I think Lawler knows Gaethji on a more personal lever/training partner.5-2g for about a 6 week period and didnt feel much except maybe a slight increase in focus.Nothing up for grabs.edit - sorry that's the one he came out wearing.Do some good mornings, and take some glucosamine and msm or condroitin.made it through it.i pick themmaybe Jurgel submissionTrained at 03:30 this morning, trx suspension training posting late.What is with people that they just start beating people up?Don't say such things until you've walked a mile in someone's gheyness.I'm basing that on the fuel tank and what i can see of the frame.good fight so farno offense you sound very spoiled/lazySo what happens is we are often conditioned to suppress dreams all together; in fact, not even have them to begin with.It would be big enough that I can have some friends come visit, but not huge.Cool story bro.in4 funny PT belt pics.If you're using one of the established routines/programs found in the stickies at the top of this forum, it's usually best to just stick with that schedule, at least for a few months.its like $54 thoughngar-with-foamTroll of the year awardNot every fight that goes to a decision is boring.How is BH doing with the ban?Our life is precious, trx at home .Fighters currently under suspension for banned substances will not be considered for the ranking until their suspension has run its course.This is why sports fans do better in the work force.If you have a decathlon store nearby, they sell 0.They think it's important for MMA to have competition, not UFC dominance.I need to get rid of my truck.I hope he stops tattling on you!I tried to do walking lunges, trx rip but my right knee wasn't feeling it.It was really a surprise, but the only person I wouldn?
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